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  • His VLog, in which he thanks everyone who got him where he is now.
  • A comment found on his Mad Max: Fury Road video 'Road Rage' left by fellow former Escapist member Jim Sterling. The comment in question? "You'll always be my Doof Warrior, Gav."
    • This crosses over into Funny Moments and In-Joke territory for listeners of Jim and Gavin's Podcast, the Podquisiton; after both seeing Fury Road in cinemas, the pair joked that After the End, Jim will become a Warlord with Gavin serving as his Doof Warrior.
  • Friends can be best described as The Power of Friendship: The Song.
  • Amnesia, an old song he wrote for a friend who was going through some really tough times and then remade. It's a powerful song about getting through it all.
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  • The sheer number of fans who thank him for helping to get them through tough times. Even better, he sometimes responds!
  • When Gavin heard about David Bowie's death, he immediately started writing up a tribute song. Say goodbye to The Man Who Rocked the World.
  • On Podquisition in 2017, Gav gave Laura a lot of flack for her unconditional love of Breath of The Wild, a game he had a lot of frustrations with. But when he wrote his song for the game, she was the first person he showed the lyrics to, even before his girlfriend.
  • Starting Over. For once, Gavin made a song about Fallout that doesn’t treat the world with melancholy, but with hope.
    • Even better? Bethesda themselves noticed the video. The comment pinned right under the description: +10 Happiness.
  • Weirdly and disturbingly enough Joker's song. While The Joker here is as almost always an unrepentant mass murdering psychopath he seems to genuine consider Batman his equal and at one point he even call himself his "only friend." In the end he even seems to think that none of 'em can go on without the other.
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  • Into the Wilds spends a lot of time praising the natural beauty of Hyrule, but also praises the unity of Hyrule's ancient races, even though it all fell down eventually.
    Into the wild, all take a stand
    Kin of the rivers, souls of the sand
    Wings on the wind, stone on the skin
    Together we stand!

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