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Heartwarming / Michael Vey

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  • If you read Ostin and Mc Kenna's scene in Book 2 and weren't going "aaw" then you're probably Torstyn.
  • Jack and Zeus solving their Love Triangle in a single chapter.
  • Michael reuniting with his mother.
  • Jack's Character Development. First, he started off as a Jerkass that wouldn't miss an opportunity to humiliate Michael. The only reason he escorted Michael to Pasadena was for the money. During the car ride, they bond by telling each other about their family lives. Then, when Michael saves him and Wade, they decide to stick with him until the end.
  • After Wade's death, Michael and Ostin express grief. The latter especially considering that in the first book, he jokingly mentioned leaving Wade in a shark tank because of how much he tormented him. Michael's eulogy to him counts too.
    • At the end of book 3, the Electroclan celebrates Wade's posthumous birthday. They learn about a blog that he kept secret from Jack because he didn't want to look like a softy in front of him. One entry was dedicated to Jack and how he saw him as his only family because of how abusive his biological one was. Jack crying afterword was probably the biggest Tear Jerker in the series.
  • Ian, Mc Kenna, and Abi helping sooth Michael's suffering while he's in Cell 25. Even though they just met him, they're willing to help him, having been prisoners themselves.
  • The Electroclan accepting Nichelle as part of the group. She was legitimately touched that she started crying.
    • Jack should also get a special mention. Out of the entire Electroclan, he was the only one that didn't argue when it was suggested she join the team. The only time he was angry at her was when he thought she betrayed them. Then there was when he told her that they never abandon family. At the end of the book, Nichelle actually starts showing signs of jealousy when he sees her with Abigail, implying that she developed a crush on him. Fridge Brilliance sets in when you remember that Jack was a lot like her, having once been Michael's enemy.
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  • Taylor reuniting with her father, who had spent the previous four months worrying about her.
  • When Taylor breaks up with Michael at the beginning of book 6 because she's afraid of losing him, rather than spend the entire book dealing with the emotional fallout and moping about how they still have feelings for each other, they talk things out and get back together in less than ten chapters.
  • Jack telling Michael that he'd take a bullet for him at the Ranch. It really shows how far their friendship has gone throughout the series. It reaches Tear Jerker territory at the climax of Book 6 when Michael is ready to sacrifice himself to stop the Elgen. Having lost Wade and Gervaso, Jack tearfully tells Michael that he's his best friend.

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