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Heartwarming / Merlin (1998)

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Several happen over the series. Every one is also a Tear Jerker, though.

  • One specific example is Merlin telling Arthur, "you were the right man to hold Excalibur", and seeing the look of gratitude on his face, moments before he dies.
  • A cute example is Mab's interactions with Mordred as a child, namely when she and Frik first arrive and Mordred runs into her waiting open arms and she lovingly picks him up and cuddles him like a loving aunt visiting her nephew. This shows Mordred was one of the few, of only, people Mab genuinely cared about. This makes it even more heart-wrenching in the end when he dies in her arms after the final battle and she can't save him.
  • The moment when Arthur convinces Lord Lot to join him and avert another civil war (also doubles as an Awesome moment); he rides across the field to Lot's army and tells the man there is no need for their men to die when the quarrel is between them. He then draws Excalibur and offers it to Lot, telling Lot that if he truly believes he has a right to the sword and the crown, to take it and kill Arthur, being fully willing to die if necessary to bring peace. As Lot pulls back for the killing swing, he hears the sword's song and realises the scale of what Arthur was willing to do, an act worthy of a king.
    Lord Lot: [awed by Arthur's courage] Forgive me, Arthur. I can feel it! [Lot returns Excalibur to Arthur] The sword is yours; you are the true King. The war is over! [the men on both sides cheer in joy] Arthur is our true king, by blood and by right!
  • Another occurs between Morgan and Frik, after their magic has slipped away and both are back to being homely:
    Morgan: Frik, my love, am I still beautiful?
    Frik: Beyond words, my love. Am I?
    Morgan: Oh, yes. Beyond words. [dies]
  • There's also the Lady of the Lake's words of reassurance after Merlin's plans have all gone wrong.
    The Lady of the Lake: It's human to make mistakes, Merlin, and part of you is human. The best part.
  • Merlin and Nimue reuniting after years of being apart. Merlin then uses the last of his magic to reverse their aging, so that they can live long and happily for the rest of their lives.
    Merlin: There is no more. That's the end of magic.


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