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  • The shocking reveal as to how Samuel Vimes spent his money before becoming rich. He donated about half his monthly earnings to the widows and orphans left behind by dead watchmen. At the end, he'll probably give it up since Carrot gets Vetinari to approve of pensions for widows.
    • It's Played for Laughs to a degree but there's also the entire Night Watch being obviously highly concerned about Vimes when they realise he's drinking again.
  • Cuddy teaching Detritus to count. Aww.
    • Just the discovery that Detritus isn't as stupid as people think he is, and the enthusiasm Cuddy has when teaching him to count strikes chords with anyone who has ever worked with a kid and discovered that same thing.
    • Detritus and Cuddy aren't exactly bosom buddies at this point, so it's always heartwarming when Detritus's immediate reaction to the two of them getting shot at is to pull the dwarf behind him.
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    • Later, he saves Detritus from freezing to death. And goes to Quarry Lane to - hopefully - find a troll doctor. And then he threatens other dwarfs for throwing an axe at Detritus.
  • Detritus's reaction to Cuddy's death. Made all the stronger by Carrot talking him down from obliterating a whole room's worth of assassins shortly afterwards.
  • "They call me Mister Vimes."
  • When Gaspode refuses to leave a distraught Angua even when she's growling what's implied to be Canine for "Go away or I'll rip out your jugular".
  • After Cuddy's funeral, it was noted that the coffin was noticeably heavier than it should have been, with Carrot insinuating that the extra weight was The Gonne, and the papers that proved that Carrot was rightful king of Ankh-Morpork.
    • To elaborate, Dwarven tradition on the Disc states that a Dwarf should be buried with a weapon of superior quality, to defend them against whatever they find on the 'other side'. However, Cuddy's burial weapon was wrecked during his death, leaving him 'defenseless'. Carrot made up for it by providing Cuddy with the best burial weapon he could muster.
      • At least Vimes couldn't argue about the state of his axe— He believes that even your armor should have a few dents, to show that someone's been hammering at it (i.e., you're doing your job as a copper). To do your job so hard your weapon is a mess... well,.. you certainly were "doing the job before you."
  • Carrot's reaction to finding out Angua's secret, having previously shown distrust for her kind:
    Who cares if she's a werewolf? That didn't bother you until you knew!
    • Actually that was Gaspode saying it, only Carrot thought he was thinking it because dogs can't talk. Still a Moment of Heartwarming, as Gaspode is playing matchmaker for Carrot and Angua by doing this, even though the Wonder Dog had a bit of a crush on her himself.
  • Every City Watch book shows Carrot's loyalty to and affection for Vimes, but given the plot of this one, it's especially touching. Carrot always puts what is right and necessary above what he personally wants (he'd rather be a watchman than a king), and though a later scene shows he's not afraid of Vimes and will fight him if necessary, he largely uses Vimes as a guiding stone for what to do (although, admittedly, his refusal of vampire watch members because of Vimes's firm insistence against such a thing shows an uglier side to both). Therefore, Carrot's refusal of his birthright is only partly because of his almost preternatural heroism. He listens to Vimes say, 'the city shouldn't have a king,' and he believes this to be right because Vimes is saying it.
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  • Carrot taking Angua on a date on their day off... by showing her around Ankh Morpork. Angua (she with an inner monologue almost as cynical as Vimes's) suspects with mingled chagrin and embarrassed attraction that it's as if he's presenting a city to her in the way other men offer chocolates or flowers.
  • Sybil is initially pleased that Vimes is retiring because she "thinks he's better than that". Her opinion changes throughout the book and when, at the end, they realise Vetinari has effectively reinstated him, she simply smiles and leaves he and Carrot to plan the new Watchhouse together. What she wanted is not as important to her as her new husband getting to be the person he is: A watchman.


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