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Heartwarming / Memoirs of a Geisha

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  • The Chairman buys a crying Chiyo a sweet-ice and slips her enough money to buy food for a month, purely because he hates to see a little girl crying.
    • At the same time, a geisha, the pinnacle of grace and beauty, admits to Chiyo that she once slipped while getting used to her shoes. This helps inspire Chiyo to become a geisha.
      • In the book, the geisha is offended when the Chairman suggests she was ever in the same situation as Chiyo. "Do you mean, making a fool of myself?" The Chairman asks his associates to take Izuko away and focuses instead on Chiyo, telling her that no one receives as much kindness as they should.
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  • When Mrs Nitta announces that she will adopt Sayuri and have her inherit the okiya, Sayuri immediately asks if she can't just adopt both her and Pumpkin.
  • Zhang Ziyi (who plays Sayuri) received a package with a kimono and a letter, sent by a woman who was once a geisha. She hoped that the movie would remind her of the fun times she used to have. Zhang Ziyi was so moved that she invited the woman to the premiere of the movie.

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