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Heartwarming / Medicinal Lullaby

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  • Pretty much everything relating to Naruto and Hitomi.
    • Equally, everything relating to Hitomi and Tsunade, who looks on Hitomi as a sort of surrogate granddaughter.
    • Finally, everything relating to Naruto, Hitomi and Juuhi, the kind woman who takes Naruto in when he first runs away. She becomes a virtual mother figure to him and becomes Hitomi's grandmother in every sense except the literal.
  • Naruto confesses the secret of the Kyuubi within him to Kensha- and she kisses him, tells him she doesn't care, she believes in him and he should never call himself a demon again.
  • At the end of Naruto's fight with Sasuke, the two of them are left on the ground, dying. Sasuke is determined to kill Naruto before he dies, but at that moment Sakura arrives to save him. She tells Naruto to let her take care of the situation and Naruto hears her unspoken words:
    Let me take care of you.
    • In the next chapter, after years of difficulty, separation and awkwardness, they find the courage to give a romantic relationship between them a try.
    And now an opportunity presented itself for there to be a chance for them. Naruto was saying he was willing to give it a try. Him and her. Together. No running.

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