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Heartwarming / Mayoi Neko Overrun!

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  • In chapter 2 of the manga, Fumino is beginning to feel useless at the Stray Cats and takes out her frustration on Takumi. She feels bad about it, returns to the church where she lives, and prays to God for forgiveness. Immediately after, Takumi shows up, having followed her (knowing full well where she would go and what she would do), and takes her back to the store to prove to her that she's not useless.
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  • Chise breaking down in tears when she witnesses Takumi telling Kaho that Chise is his friend. This is also the point in the anime where he realizes that Chise has been wanting to spend so much time with the group because she's lonely.
  • Nozomi has single-handedly won the sports festival rehearsal and, rather than settle the debate on what the girls would wear for the festival, she makes a "Winner's request" to get Fumino and Chise to stop fighting. This also settles the whole "bloomers vs. bike shorts" war for the school.
  • Anime-only: Nozomi is finally able to admit that she wants to run the three-legged race with Takumi. Not only do the other girls relent, but she runs the whole course with him while struck with a high fever a single day after her Moment of Awesome.

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