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Heartwarming / Mayo Chiki!

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  • Despite acknowleding herself the obligatory professional distance between master and servant, Kanade warmly tells Subaru in Episode 4 after being rescued:
    "Stay by my side as a butler from this day.... and the rest of my life as my friend. That's an order."
  • Almost everything Jiro does for Subaru could qualify. However, the best ones:
    • When he reassures her he wouldn't die in episode 4.
    • When he visits her mother's grave in episode 8.
    • After he goes to great lengths, even facing and recruiting the S4, to get Subaru to remain a butler in episode 12.
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  • Jiro's confession to Subaru in chapter 34. When he did it the first time, she rejected him but now, she replies with a passionate kiss. The next day, Subaru quit being a butler and reveals her gender to the other school. Hoping to keep her dreams, Jiro vows to replace her as Kanade's butler and even propose to her, in front the whole school.