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Heartwarming / Mawaru-Penguindrum

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  • In episode 5: Kanba chasing after a truck on a bike, Shouma on foot, to get the penguin hat back. And succeeding.
    • Not to mention the flashback to tiny!Kanba promising Kenzan-papa that he'll protect Himari if she needs it.
  • Episode 9: Himari's friends covering for her when the three of them get in trouble for taking a goldfish out of its pond.
  • Episode 10: Ringo giving up her diary to save Shouma.
  • Episode 13: Ringo finally accepting Momoka's death, her father's remarriage, and wishing him happiness.
  • Episode 15: Momoka telling Yuri why did she save her from her dad despite knowing it'd almost kill her.
  • The aftermath of episode 18's Hostage Situation, with Shouma hugging the passed out Himari and Kanba, and Ringo leaning on him.
    • "I want to live for you."
  • Episode 19: Little Shouma's offer of a loving family to the despaired little Himari.
  • Episode 20: Every scene with little!Himari and little!Shouma. ALL. OF. THEM.
  • Episode 21: The funeral where little!Himari comforts little!Kanba by putting a bandage on his cheek and telling him "now it won't hurt." Kanba vows to protect her from that day on.
  • Episode 22: Esmeralda staying by Masako's side when she pulls her near Heroic Sacrifice, opening a tiny paper fan when her mistress goes in her Ass Kicking Pose. In other circumstances it would've been far funnier than it should, but this time it works perfectly.
    • Just before that, Kanba shielding Masako from the bullets.
    • There's also something really touching and heartbreaking about #3 being by Himari's side as she has a near fatal seizure. She lays on the floor with Himari and looks at her very calmly and sweetly as both of them are about to die...
  • Episode 23: #2 putting a lollipop by the fading #3 while Shouma is visiting Himari at the hospital. And also him offering another lollipop to #1 when Kanba drops by to confront Shouma.
    • Also The Stoic maid Renjaku crying Tears of Joy when Masako is Back from the Dead.
    • Ringo hugging Shouma under the snow. Simply beautiful and heart-wrenching.
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    • Shouma's dream sequence has alot of these..
      • The flashback of Kanba and Shouma finding a lost Himari at the beach.
        • Himari telling Shouma to save Kanba. While kissing him, it was incredibly sad and heartwarming at the same time. The way their fingers intertwined made me go D'aww. The animation and background also added to the beauty of the scene.
  • In the Grand Finale, Shouma hugging Ringo to take her self-inflicted burning destiny upon himself, while telling her that he loves her.
    • The loving way that Kanba looked at Himari and touched her face right before he shattered into shards of glass.
    • Also, Himari having a normal life with an aunt and uncle that love her and Ringo as her best friend. And then we see that, even after being Ret Goned, Kanba and Shouma managed to leave a last keepsake for her: her teddybear and a note saying "We love you! — Your brothers."
    • And we also have Mario finally acting like a normal little boy and showing affection to his Onee-sama Masako.
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    • Masako's dream about Kanba where he told her that she was his precious little sister and that he loved her.
    • Both Tabuki and Yuri saying they love each other.
    • The flashback of little Kanba sharing the apple with Shouma. May double as a Tear Jerker.
    • Sanetoshi told Kanba that he would simply disappear, and that he wouldn't leave anything behind in the world, not even a speck of dust. But when Ringo and Himari wake up on the train, we see that Sanetoshi was wrong - Kanba managed to leave behind a shard of glass, which in turn left behind a small scar on Himari's forehead.


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