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Heartwarming / M*A*S*H S2 E9: Dear Dad...Three

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  • Henry Blake, Hawkeye Pierce, Trapper McIntyre, and Radar O'Reilly's smiling faces as they sit back and watch the home movie Henry's wife Lorraine has sent to him.
    • In the middle of said home movie, there is a moment when Lorraine gathers the kids at the birthday party together to spell out a message in cardboard letters to Henry. The words are "Miss You".
      Hawkeye: Henry, if you don't give the command to cry, I will.
    • Adding on some levity to the moment, Lorraine has tacked on an additional home movie, possibly with the goal of embarrassing her husband in front of his fellow doctors. If that was the case, then she certainly got it.
      Trapper: Hey, wait a minute. Hold it, Henry!
      Hawkeye: Oh now the dirty movie.
      Henry: Oh, for Pete's sake, why did Lorraine tack that on?

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