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Heartwarming / Mary Skelter: Nightmares

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  • Just about all of the character endings:
    • Alice goes off on Jack for his dangerous stunt, sobbing all the while. Once she calms down, she and Jack reaffirm that they want to continue to support each other.
    • Red Riding Hood and Jack ask each other to be more open with their feelings.
    • Thumbelina sheepishly thanks Jack and nearly confesses to him before being interrupted by the others.
    • Snow White thanks Jack for lending her the courage to speak about the traitor, and promises that while she may not stand out, she will look to do the things that only she can do. She then asks Jack to be by her side whenever she feels uneasy.
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    • Sleeping Beauty repeatedly calls Jack her prince, calling him a precious friend instead when he gets flustered. She speaks in almost full sentences and is not sleepy anymore.
    • Gretel shows more emotion than usual, admitting that she cares more about her own life than she did before. She then tells Jack that he will be her test subject forever.
    • Rapunzel tells Jack that she wants him with her as she becomes an adult.
    • Cinderella realizes that to take care of others, she needs to take care of herself. She then tells Jack that she still wants to wear a beautiful dress for him.
    • Kaguya reflects on how having friends and being able to speak her mind to the Order of the Sun's followers has helped her to change, and thanks Jack for making sure that she doesn't have to leave.
    • Hameln thanks Jack for helping her find friends and reflects on how good it felt to have her hand grabbed by him.
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  • The True Ending to both Mary Skelter 2 and the Mary Skelter remake. Having doubts that a corpse and microphone would be sufficient material for the Jail's egg to revive Little Mermaid, Nightmare Otsuu uses herself as well so that it can use her memories fully aware that it may result in her own death. The Blood Team, torn between trying to find another way and respecting her decision, ultimately let her go through with it. The result is Otsuu being returned to her human form and Little Mermaid successfully revived, not as the child she died as, but the woman Otsuu remembered.

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