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  • In "Things I Do for Love," Gina is shown carrying a full conversation with Martin while he's brushing his teeth. The episode as a whole is rather thought-provoking; it deals with the difference between love and lust as the gang visits a new nightclub. It ends with Martin talking to Gina as she's brushing her teeth.
  • In "The Parents Are Coming, the Parents Are Coming," Mrs. Waters tells Martin that he's a good man. And this comes after Martin made a fool of himself at dinner (that includes accidentally fondling Mrs. Waters after spilling his drink on her).
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  • Martin and Gina reconciling in "The Break Up, Part 3" after their estrangement.
  • In "Momma's Baby, Martin's Maybe," a little boy, Marvin, shows up, claiming Martin is his father. The episode consists of them spending time together and Martin trying to break the news to Gina and her visiting mother. But then the boy's mother (Martin's prom date) comes over, she reveals that the boy isn't Martin's kid and that he wanted to try to stay in Detroit instead of move to Arizona with his own parents. Martin gives a talk to the boy about how he worried him and his parents and promises to keep in touch.
    • Also doubles as Moment of Awesome when Gina's hard-to-please mother admits that Martin is a good man and an excellent father figure.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds Martin and Pam before Martin and Gina's wedding: they respectively clown in private with Tommy and Gina about their friend's choice in romantic partner, but then state that the other person are terrific people and they're happy to see the other date/marry their friend.
    • For all their animosity, the two of them instantly team up to defeat the oversized rat that's invaded the gang's vacation villa, and when they finally get rid of the thing, Martin sincerely asks her if she's okay. They later praise themselves for working together even though they can't stand each other.
  • In "Where Da Party At?", it turns out the reason everyone blew off attending the party Gina was planning for Martin was because they were planning a surprise party at Nipsy's. Once Martin and Gina arrive, Martin is shown a video containing footage of various people (including Halle Berry, Robert Townsend, Johnnie Cochran, Shaquille O'Neal, and Will Smith) wishing Martin a happy birthday. The gesture moves Martin to Tears of Joy.


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