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Heartwarming / Märchen Mädchen

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  • Hazuki and Shizuka's relationship in general. They come from two different worlds but immediately found a connection with each other.
  • Hazuki's stepmother is full of Heartwarming. She is very patient with her step daughter and is very concern whenever she is in trouble. It was because of her that Hazuki found the resolve to return to Shizuka and the others.
  • After Hazuki pass the Secret Test of Character, she receives a So Proud of You from Headmaster Sugami. Anytime, Sugami has her Mama Bear moments to protect her students.
  • Episode 6 is full of this.
    • Eventhough Qazan was responsible for Hazuki leaving but unlike how she treated her other teammates, Qazan stops fighting and prefers to convince Hazuki to not get involve. She really did care.
    • Hazuki basically tear through how stupid anyone should be like in the books and admits its flaws. Hazuki won't leave her friends or her step family.
    • Eventhough Qazan lost her family, she found two new ones in form of the friends she forged with.
    • Arthur seeing Hazuki's actions and smiles at seeing how much heart Hazuki has.
    • The Earn Your Happy Ending.
  • The Russian Team are True Companions who looked after each other and went through great lengths to help Tatiana get a wish to restore her Origin.
  • And despite they now have a huge advantage to win the competition, they decide to stand down due to their loyalty towards Tatiana and also appreciating that Hazuki helped them.
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  • In Episode 9, you can't help but be proud how far Hazuki has come. She readily seeks to bond with her friends who she gained a lot over the series.
  • Eventhough she couldn't win without Shizuka, the latter tells Hazuki that it was her who held the line long enough for her to return.
  • Despite she's incredibly shy, Hazuki has an impressive stepmother and stepsister. They are quite patient with her and do everything they could to make her feel better. It was because of them, Hazuki has her Heroic Second Wind.
  • Hazuki and all the other teams band together in saving Lynne and Agathe.

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