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Heartwarming / Malibu Comics' Mortal Kombat

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  • Bizarrely, one for Shao Kahn, the way he nurtures Kitana at the end of her and Mileena's one-shot issue. Mitigated slightly by the fact that he had Reptile restore her brainwashing and erase her memories of the past moment.
  • Johnny Cage also gets one for sending Bo to help Liu Kang. The fact that Cage anticipated what kind of people would be gunning for Liu once he became champion of Mortal Kombat, and thus sent backup just in case (Whether or not he needed it) is a very much thoughtful and nice thing for Cage to do for Liu.
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  • One for Kung Lao as well, at the very end of his one shot. Shang Tsung harrasses Kung Lao by morphing into his allies and messing with Lao in various ways (morphing into Sub-Zero and Baraka and making it look like they're betraying him or morphing into Kitana and trying to seduce Lao),) he rubs salt in the wound by morphing into Kung Lao's ancestor, the Great Kung Lao, but eventually GKL's own soul takes control of Tsung's morphed body and begs for his descendant to free him. After a moment of shock, Kung Lao does so by smashing Tsung's chin in with a devastating kick, which finally breaks Tsung's hold over GKL's soul, allowing him to ascend to heaven, but not before bidding Kung Lao farewell and bowing in respect to his descendant. Lao smiles back, now finally hopeful for the future and confident in what he can do to help defeat Shao Kahn and his armies after many months of painful struggle.
    "He watches as the soul of his forefather climbs towards the heavens. Whatever else transpires during these dark days, this cannot be taken away from him. The road ahead is filled with peril and hardship, but Kung Lao shall walk it with his head held high. He realizes now that he has spent so much of his life worrying about how far he might fall...that he never stopped to consider how high he might rise."


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