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Heartwarming / Mai-Otome

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  • A lot between Arika and Mashiro:
    • Aoi brings Arika to cheer Mashiro up, and they both wind up crying on each other over their recent relationship troubles. Then Arika proposes a contest to Mashiro:
      Arika: It's a race! Will I become an Otome first, or will Mashiro-chan become queen first?
      Mashiro: I'm already queen.
      Arika: Alright, then...a queen who can make everybody happy!
    • After the Wham Episode and Arika and Mashiro each reaffirming what their dreams are, they restate the vows of their contract and really mean them this time.
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  • Arika, Nina, and Erstin promising to become Otome together while they watch the stars...just a day before things go straight to hell for all three of them.
  • Arika's defeat of Nina, which ends with the two of them embracing.
  • When the credits roll and they show Nina living in a house in the country with Sergay, we see that she's replaced the photo of him in her locket so it shows her, Arika, and Erstin instead.
  • Chie visiting a bedridden Aoi after the latter almost kills herself escaping the angry mob.
    • Also, Chie breaking down into happy tears when she finds Aoi awake during the battle.
  • Natsuki's reaction to seeing Shizuru again after Shizuru escaped from captivity. Sometimes, a simple smile says it best.

  • Natsuki standing up to protect her sister Alyssa from the Schwarz attackers and soon afterward, reassuring her and thanking Miyu for protecting her, showing that in spite of her aloof personality, she cares deeply for Alyssa.

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