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I already have everything I need

  • Fate and Yuuno's Big Damn Hero moment at the end of the first episode, since it's a Call-Back to Fate's promise at the end of the first season that next time she'd be the one to save Nanoha.
    Vita: (Are you) Her allies?
    Fate: Her friends.
  • The Rune Lettered "P.L.E.A.S.E" at the end of episode 3, where the Devices are requesting the potentially-dangerous Belkan Cartridge System to be installed. It just comes across as such a powerfully moving moment that the devices are taking dangerous measures that they know is the only way to help their wielders.
    • During the previous episode, Raising Heart takes the initiative on performing the Starlight Breaker, even at great risk to 'herself', and even when Nanoha shows doubt in performing it, 'she' assures her that 'she' can do it.
  • Episode 3, Fate receiving her school uniform.
  • In episode 5, Signum and Fate regard each other and their weapons as Worthy Opponents, and the weapons (Bardiche and Laevatein) replies in thanks to the opposing masters.
  • Episode 6, Lindy and Chrono instantly jumping to Fate's defense when she starts to think of herself as just a clone. Chrono even seems to take it as a personal insult that his prospective sister thinks of herself as less than human.
  • Most moments with Hayate and the Knights.
    • The beginning of episode 4, where Hayate is making breakfast while everyone else is just waking up (not to mention the adorableness of sleepy Vita holding her stuffed rabbit). Signum sums up the atmosphere perfectly as she holds her hot milk.
      Signum: It's warm.
    • Episode 6 is full of them, the most notable of which is when Signum carries Hayate onto the back porch and they look up at the stars. Despite Signum pointing out that she could regain the power to walk if the Book of Darkness is completed, Hayate says that she doesn't want anyone to get hurt because of her selfishness and that she already has everything she needs (a family). Naturally, the very next scene is when things start getting worse.
      • The scene were they decide to fill the book is a Tear Jerker, but the important thing to note is that it's Signum who came up with the idea. Signum had previously promised Hayate that they would forget about the book as long as she was their master. The fact that she was not only willing to break her vow, but to do it without prompting tells you just how important Hayate is to her.
      • The movie also has the Book of Darkness nuzzles against Hayate's head as if it was a dog, right before the flashback to when she first met the knights.
  • Lindy and Fate's bonding in episode 8, after Fate was attacked. Fate starts blushing when she realizes that Lindy is holding her hand, causing Lindy to apologize. When Lindy walks off to get some food for the two of them, Fate just looks at her hands and smiles.
    • The Movie replaces this scene with one where the two are sitting in their living room and open up to each other about their own sense of loss (Lindy with Clyde and Fate with Precia), with one key difference being that Fate actually enjoys when Lindy strokes her hair to comfort her.
    Lindy: Let's talk more from now on, okay? About the past and the future.
  • Episode 11, Fate and Alicia's goodbye when Fate is trapped within the Book of Darkness in her ideal world, as well as being a MAJOR Tear Jerker.
    • There is one easy to overlook but important change in the movie that was made when Fate escapes. In the show, Zanber form was surrounded by purple sparks, but in the movie they were light blue. Why is this significant? That's Alicia's magic color. It was one final gift to her little sister.
  • This exchange from episode 11, all while Snow Rain is playing:
    Hayate: I'll give you a name. I won't let anyone call you the "Book of Darkness" or the "Cursed Tome". Those aren't you any more. *Reinforce starts to cry* I'm your administrator. I can do this.
    Reinforce: It's impossible… The automated defense program does not stop. The mage from the Bureau is fighting, but that too is pointless.
    Hayate: It's all right. [...] As Mistress of the Night Sky, I grant you a new name. One who supports and helps others. You are no longer cursed. You are a tailwind of fortune, a breeze full of blessings… Hello, Reinforce.
    • Followed by Hayate resumonning the Wolkenritter the next episode:
    Signum: "We are the the guardian knights who gather before our mistress, she of the night sky."
    Shamal: "As long as our mistress exists, our souls will never extinguish."
    Zafira: "As long as we have life in our bodies, we will stand by each other."
    Vita: "We will always exist before our mistress, Queen of the Night Sky, Yagami Hayate."
    Hayate: "Reinforce, bestow upon me my staff and armor. Light of the Night Sky, come to my hand! Blessed Wind, Reinforce, set up!"
    • Afterwards, they try to apologize to her, but Hayate tells them not to worry about it. Vita -being the most emotional of the bunch- just runs up and cries into Hayates chest.
      • Made even more heartwarming in the movie since Vita had previously pointed out the possibility that Hayate might hate them for their actions, only for Hayate to brush it off as a minor detail when she finds out. After such a display of unconditional love, it's no wonder that Vita started crying.
  • Reinforce's goodbye. Doubles as a massive Tear Jerker.
    I'm the happiest magical tome in the world.
  • Part 17 of A's Sound Stage 3, where Fate tells Lindy, Chrono and Amy that her experience in the Book of Darkness enabled her to see herself as her own person, rather than a flawed copy of Alicia, and she accepts Lindy's offer to adopt her.
    • Similarly, "Thank you... Mom." in the Distant Finale.
    • Note that Amy actually wonders if she should even be present for this conversation due to her not being a member of the Harlaown family (given that this was several years before she started dating Chrono), but Fate specifically wanted her to be there due to looking up to her as a Cool Big Sis.
  • A's manga, chapter 6 and the movie. When Nanoha suggests that a part of Reinforce still lives on as part of post-Unison Hayate, the latter bursts into tears despite her best efforts to stop. Nanoha and Fate's reaction? A (wordlessly!) synchronized double-sided Cooldown Hug telling her that it's okay to cry.
  • Hayate running to school in the Distant Finale.
  • In the movie, one of the last scenes in the epilogue montage (two years later) is Hayate going to visit Dr Ishida at Uminari University Hospital. She brings cake and the two of them eat it together while chatting. The scene is heartwarming in and of itself, but is even more so because it drives home that Dr Ishida, who spent months (possibly years) desperately battling against Hayate's magical illness with no idea what was causing it, watching helplessly as it slowly drained Hayate's life away, trying one treatment after another with nothing working but never giving up... now gets to see Hayate thanking her, healthy and happy... and walking.


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