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  • In "Kaleidoscope", the ever-paranoid Crispy is shown relaxing for what may be the first time in his life.
  • "Shiver" reveals the two were just in a grocery store freezer the entire time rather than a frozen wasteland. But seeing Red show actual concern for Yellow, whom he frequently insults and kicks around, is touching.
  • Ho Yay aside, Yellow's Australian "Back for Good" music video was really sweet. The same can be said for the Russian version.
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  • The 2017 follow-up Christmas commercial. Santa faints upon seeing Red and Yellow. Red faints too... and after Santa doesn't come to, Yellow realizes it's up to him to save Christmas. Cut to the next morning, and Yellow delivered them all... to the wrong houses. Yellow hangs his head, lamenting, "Did I ruin Christmas, Red?" But then, they see that while everyone did get the wrong presents... it also brought people together, as they take to the streets to seek out the true owners.
    Red: (to Yellow) Actually, buddy... I think you made it even better.
    (Santa laughs heartily)


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