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Heartwarming / Lupin III: The Italian Adventure

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  • The ending of Episode 9. Lupin helps Carla, the spirit of a little girl that he meets during his adventure in a haunted hotel, finally find peace and pass on to the afterlife. While Lupin is visibly saddened since Carla was just a young girl whose life was cut short by circumstances out of her control, he goes on to say that at least she won't be alone anymore as she's reunited with her sister in the afterlife. This is capped off by showing a shot of a painting of Carla and her sister during happier days. Lupin then has Carla's body given a proper burial as a sign of respect.
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  • In Episode 10, Goemon reunites with a young woman named Belladonna, who he had assisted with an multi-man effort of an assassination mission on a dictator and his bodyguard when she was just a Child Soldier. When the bodyguard began assassinating each of those involved in the mission previous, their trail leads them to The Reveal that it was Belladonna rubbing everyone involved out, under their former employer's orders in an attempt to cover up any ties that could ruin his reputation, though she can't bring herself to kill Goemon. In spite of this, Goemon strongly adheres to The Promise he made in that he'd protect her, and even saves Belladonna from her own attempts at suicide by a bomb planted in her chest by said politician. She gets to live another day and spreads the honor and respect of Goemon's Japanese ways that changed her life to the other youth of Italy.
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  • In "Dream of Italy Part 1", Lupin goes to a lot of trouble for Rebecca's sake, from giving Fujiko a blank check for helping him to tangling with Nyx again. He refers to her "my wife" several times, including at the moment of rescue to Rebecca herself. When Zenigata shows one of Lupin's Calling Cards talking about a treasure underneath MI6's base, it clears refers to her. He even gives decoding that book of hers a shot.
  • In "The End of Lupin III", even though Lupin was Faking the Dead, seeing Zenigata worrying about Lupin's health and eventual death is pretty heartwarming.
  • The entirety of the episode "To Hear You Sing Again", after three action packed episodes, this one is a quiet episode about an old man and his comatose wife.

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