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Heartwarming / Lunar Chronicles

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  • Virtually every scene with Kai and Cinder together, notably when he stops Pearl and Adri from beating Cinder at the ball. And when he continues to defend Cinder against Levana even when he finds out she's Lunar — while he (understandably) trades Cinder's life for his country's freedom, he still insists that she remain under his guard until Levana leaves, buying Cinder a little more time.
  • Likewise, many of the moments between Wolf and Scarlet, particularly after The Reveal.
    • At their first meeting, Scarlet gives him free tomatoes when she notices how much he likes them. From then on tomatoes become sort of an inner joke and memento for them.
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    • Scarlet tenderly tracing his scars on the train, showing that despite seeing what he can do, she's not afraid of him.
    • He can resist his genetic manipulation and brainwashing because of his love for her, which he explicitly states should be impossible. That in itself is pretty damn awesome and heartwarming.
    • "You're the only one, Scarlet. You'll always be the only one."
    • At the start of Cress, the scene where Wolf admits via Freudian Slip that he loves her. Iko Squeeing and the furious blushing from both of them just adds to the cuteness.
  • Despite society—and probably her mother—telling her that Cinder is just a second-class thing not worthy of her time, Peony doesn't care and treats her like not just like a person, but like a friend and sister.
  • Thorne and Cress's journey through the Sahara, with Cress acting as Thorne's eyes while he's temporarily blinded and Thorne encouraging Cress to keep on moving.
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  • Thorne gambles to get Iko a body she'd like. While blind. And gets beaten up for it.
  • Kai ordering an end to the cyborg drafts, because they're people too and they shouldn't feel like their lives are worth less than "normal" people" in Cress.

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