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  • After Chavo and Sexy Star's tag-team win over Son of Havoc and Ivelisse in the 2nd episode (with Chavo using his late uncle's signature Frog Splash to finish Havoc as a tribute to him before tagging Star in and letting her have the pin to avenge her earlier loss to Havoc), the crowd started cheering "Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!"
    Matt Striker: You are not forgotten, my friend, as long as this show is on the air, people will know the name of Eddie Guerrero.
  • At the end of Prince Puma's match against Drago (where Drago would be banished from the Temple if he lost), Hernandez interferes and attacks Drago. Puma is massively reluctant to fight anymore after this, but Konnan yells at him to finish it, which he does. After that, though, Puma AND Konnan raise Drago's hands and let him have the spotlight for (seemingly) the last time.
    • When Drago wins the four way that lets him return, Puma comes out to meet him with the LU title, and it's clear Puma's happy that Drago got a second chance.
  • Dario's pep talk to Sexy Star before the "No Mas" match. Up to that point, Dario and Star had NOT been friendly to each other, hell, Dario had even tried to have her taken out before. But this time, Dario recognizes that Star's been a victim of abuse and violence at the hands of the Moth family, much like he was a victim of his mom. So, he made the "No Mas" match for her and Mariposa and told her that to escape her trauma, she was going to have to put the same fear into Mariposa. Basically, Dario Cueto gave Sexy Star what she needed to defeat her tormentors and move on.
  • The Mack's whole role in that story is this as well. He gets involved by simply happening to be around when Sexy first escapes from the Moths, and he could have just ignored the whole thing. But he stuck by Sexy and helped her fight to the very end, from the No Mas match, to the Gift of the Gods match at Ultima Lucha Dos, and even in Aztec Warfare III. The Mack is an example of how much a simple bystander can help a person in trouble if they have the balls to.
    • The week after Aztec Warfare III, when Sexy won the championship by defeating Mil Muertes (after Muertes pinned The Mack last), Mack came into the dressing room griping to Sexy that the championship should have been his... before grinning and telling her that he's just joking and he's so proud of her, then giving her a warm hug that she gladly returned. Best friends indeed.
      • A few weeks later, after Mack won the Battle of the Bulls to become the #1 contender to the Championship, right before Sexy went into a steel cage match against Johnny Mundo to try and win the title back again, she was absolutely overjoyed for him. When Mack told her he hoped there'd be no hard feelings when he beat her for the title (absolutely confident that she'd win it back off Mundo), Sexy warmly told him that she'd be honoured to defend the title against him. And although Sexy failed to beat Mundo that evening after he pulled her mask off during the match, Mack ran in while Mundo was gloating at the top of the stairs and stunnered him on Sexy's behalf, getting a smile from her.
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  • Son of Havoc presenting Mascarita Sagrada with his own kutte (biker vest) after Sagrada defeated Famous B in a Believers' Backlash match.
  • Mascarita Sagrada, despite stating that the Rabbit Tribe is nuts and is slightly annoyed how they call him their "White Rabbit", still has the decency to give them a good luck charm. Even if they are horrified by what it was (a rabbit's foot), they use it in their match against the Worldwide Underground where, not only do they finally win a Trios match, this gives them 3 Aztec Medallions in the process.
    • Becomes even more heartwarming when it's revealed later on that Sagrada knows who the White Rabbit really is and he himself is probably following their orders to cheer the three up. This becomes Harsher in Hindsight when he finally takes the trio to the White Rabbit, who orders London to murder Sagrada and London complies. See the YMMV page for more speculation on that.
  • After the crap he'd gone through coming within half a second of winning the Lucha Underground Championship earlier in the season before having it snatched away from him, The Mack getting his first taste of championship gold at Ultima Lucha Tres when he lead the unlikely team of himself, Killshot and Dante Fox to victory over the Reptile Tribe to win the Trios Championships brought a smile to everyone's faces. This also goes for Killshot and Fox, who had won the respect (if not the awe) of the Believers for their match against each other 2 weeks earlier. The "You deserve it!" chants for all three men were well-earned indeed.
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  • The end of "A Match Made in Heaven" has Johnny Mundo selflessly giving Aerostar the wish he won from Kobra Moon so that Drago would be freed, and the two friends leave the temple together. Taya, of course, chews Mundo out for wasting that wish...until Mundo explains that Kobra Moon couldn't grant his wish, only Taya could. In an homage to Randy Savage's proposal to Miss Elizabeth, Mundo asks Taya to marry him, to which Taya answers "Yes", PJ Black sheds Manly Tears and the Believers are cheering for the two and everything ends happily. Except for The Stinger where Ricky Mundo planned on doing something to the two, which resulted in him unleashing Matanza to utterly wreck the ceremony.
  • Aerostar reviving Fenix for Melissa Santos, in return for her half of the Piedra Immortal. Too bad it didn't end well...

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