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2016 Film

  • Despite all that they go through, the Lovings never once stop being Happily Married.
  • Richard's blunt, understated reaction to Mildred's news:
    Mildred: I'm pregnant.
    Richard: (smiles) That's good. That's real good.
  • After all that the Lovings go through in the first act, the fact that Bernard Cohen, when calling Mildred, refers to her as "Mrs. Loving" and treats her with respect is an early sign that he cares about the case.
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  • This conversation between Richard and Bernard Cohen on the eve of the Supreme Court hearing, which Richard says he and Mildred will not attend.
    Cohen: Well, is there anything you'd like me to say to them? And by "them" I mean "the Supreme Court justices of the United States"?
    Richard Loving: Yeah. You can tell the judge... tell the judge I love my wife.

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