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Heartwarming / Love, Simon

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You get to exhale now, Simon.

  • While picking up his friends at the beginning and end of the movie, Simon turns right on one intersection to pick up one of them, then backs all the way up to the previous block to pick up another. It's a charming little character quirk that implies that they've been carpooling to school for so long that Simon eventually figured it easier (and probably more fun) to do this than take the long way around.
  • The scenes after Simon comes out to his parents, where he talks to each of them and they both reassure him that they love him and care for him.
    • Jack apologises to Simon for all the jokes he made in four years after Simon realized he was gay (but was still closeted). Simon says he knows his dad didn't mean them, but Jack acknowledges that even though he didn't, he was unintentionally hurting Simon. He then tells Simon he wouldn't change a thing about him.
    • When Simon asks Emily if she knew about him being gay, she replies that she knew he had a secret and that in recent years he had changed from a carefree child to "holding [his] breath". Emily encourages Simon and tells him that she hates that there are parts of Simon being gay he has to endure alone, and that she can't help him. She goes on to say that now he has a chance to be more himself than he's ever been before.
      Emily: You get to exhale now, Simon.
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    • The scene was all Jennifer Garner's idea.
  • The climax where Bram reveals himself as Blue and he and Simon share a kiss on top of the Ferris wheel. Despite the looks and stares from the people at school and the homophobic bullies, the whole crowd waiting to see who Blue is cheer and celebrate Simon and Bram's kiss.
    • Also serves as funny, but when Bram comes forward and asks if he can take the seat, Simon doesn't initially realize he is Blue.
      Simon: Actually, I'm waiting for someone.
    • While Simon still doesn't forgive him and it's clear that it's still part of his desperate attempts to get people to like him, Martin buying Simon one last ride so he can meet Blue proves that he feels bad enough about what he's done to do what he can to make up for it.
  • The small peck kiss good morning Simon and Bram share in the final scene, a seemingly trivial luxury that both of them definitely deserve at this point.
  • The number of LGBT people who have shared their experiences of seeing a mainstream movie that validates their experiences and, for once, gives the gay characters a happy ending. Many young people were inspired to come out to their parents as a result, while others have said that their parents became more accepting of their sexualities as a result of seeing it. And some were just happy to go to a wide-release film and hold hands with their partner in public.
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  • Several people involved in the movie itself said it inspired them to come out, including Keiynan Lonsdale (Bram) and Joey Pollari (Lyle) and even Nick Robinson's younger brother.


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