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Heartwarming / Long Road to Friendship

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  • Almost every interaction between Principal Celestia and Sunset. Though she tends to enter the scene due to her job, Celestia always leaves with making a personal connection with Sunset. Despite not sharing a relationship similar to what the latter used to have with Princess Celestia, Sunset has at least once almost felt compelled to tell her principal everything about what has been going on in her life just to find some closure and support from a face she recognizes from her past. Nevertheless, Celestia has always been respectful of Sunset's privacy, and instead of asking her what's wrong, she simply asks Sunset if she wants to talk about it, and drops the subject when Sunset declines. And all this is without the knowledge of the latter's curse note  as well. It just shows how much of an empathetic person Principal Celestia truly is.
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  • The Canterlot High Five wanting to be Sunset Shimmer's friend. Although three of them would have been hesitant to approach her without their promise to Twilight about showing her the true meaning of friendship, with Pinkie being the only exception to genuinely wanting to befriend her, they still wanted to at least try.
  • Sunset apologises to Fluttershy for all her bullying, twice over when she learns she nearly pushed her to commit suicide. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
    • Despite having reasons to hate Sunset more than anyone else she knew, Fluttershy was quick to forgive and forget with a smile. When Sunset questioned this...
    Sunset: "Out of everyone, why don’t you hate me the most?"
  • When Sunset finds Twilight crying in one of the bathroom stalls during her detention because she believed the rest of the Mane 6 saw her as a replacement for Equestria!Twilight, instead of kicking her while she was down (which had crossed Sunset's mind, no less), she decided to comfort Twilight, convincing her that although she might dislike the five girls, there was no doubt in her mind they would ever see Twilight as anyone but who she truly was, because they were kind.
  • Chapter 22 features Applejack and Sunset saving Apple Bloom from falling down a cliff. Once they get back to Applejack's house, Sunset remarks that Applejack is a good big sister. Applejack replies that Sunset would be a good one, too.
    • That same chapter also features Apple Bloom referring to Sunset Shimmer as a "charity case" for the affections of the Humane Six. Applejack manages to convince Sunset that this isn't true throughout the rest of the chapter, mostly by some heartfelt reassurance about Sunset Shimmer's change of attitude.
  • Chapter 27 features Sunset making amends with Flash Sentry over breaking up with him, and apologizing for being so mean to him. Even after admitting that she was horrible, Flash still understands, saying he stayed with Sunset as long as he did because he wanted to believe there was a good person under the exterior. Throughout the conversation, Sunset even admits that there was, but she's got a long way to go.
  • Chapter 28. Sunset wasn't very fond of kids. When some of them asked for her to read to them, Sunset actually obliged. The way the young kids complimented her simply makes one 'daww'.
  • Chapter 33 ends with Sunset's acknowledgment that she does, in fact, have people who care about her. It also suggests Sunset wants to stay with the Lulamoons, but even though her pride prevents her from asking, the fact she entertained the idea means she knows how much they care.
    • Becomes a Chekhov's Gun (in conjunction with the business card Artemis gives to Sunset in Chapter 19) during Chapter 35. After Sunset tells Shining Armor the truth about herself, he knows he should either arrest her or send her to a homeless shelter. Instead, he agrees to let her go if she can immediately find someone to take her in. She finds the card in her pocket and gets the idea to call Artemis, even though it's almost midnight - and he agrees on the spot to look after her.
  • Chapter 36 sees Sunset taking a hot shower in the Lulamoons' house. What would be an ordinary, mundane thing to anyone else sees Sunset crying Tears of Joy after being used to freezing cold showers in the factory.
    • After all of the grief Trixie has given Sunset, the two of them have finally started to make amends with each other. Trixie even invites Sunset to help decorate their Christmas tree.
  • In Chapter 40, Twilight wins the crown for Princess of the Winter Ball. She then immediately gives it up to Sunset, who had spent the whole evening sacrificing her own happiness to make sure that everyone else had a good time. Sunset's speech afterwards shows that she really had come a long way, and that the curse is finally gone.

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