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Heartwarming / Lone Wolf

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  • In Book 11, a bunch of ghostly beings first scare Lone Wolf with visions of every enemy he's ever faced, then they show him visions of his family and every friend he's ever made. All of these people helped shape his destiny. Afterwards, Kai himself arrives to give him encouragement and then teleport him to his destination.
  • In Book 18, Lone Wolf notices a crowd gathered around a faith healer. The angry mob is ready to attack him for having no progress in fixing a woman's headache. When Lone Wolf realizes that the man has no powers, but genuinely wants to help people, he discreetly uses his own powers to cure the woman, turning the old man into a hero for his village. Funny Moment: As part of the act, Lone Wolf plants the old man's hands on the woman's chest.
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  • Another one from Book 18. After defeating the Ghost of Roark haunting the ruined and deserted town of Amory, Lone Wolf wakes up in the morning to sunshine and birdsong, and his spirits are lifted when he realizes that life is already returning to the place.

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