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  • The pilot has one where, as Lois is convinced she's going to die, tells Clark her secrets—including that she thinks he's an okay reporter.
    • Furthermore, instead of writing a story about Superman to get a job at the Daily Planet, Clark instead interviews a veteran actress saying goodbye to an old theatre about to be demolished and writes a sweet story.
      • Also counts as a Moment of Awesome and Establishing Character Moment for Clark as he overheard Perry assigning Lois to the same story only for her to scoff at it. Clark immediately goes out and gets the story for himself, and his initiative and writing skill impresses Perry enough to give him the job.
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  • In "Strange Visitor," there's Lois being absolutely ecstatic that Clark - who she last saw stuck in a plane with thugs intending to kill him - is alive, giving him an enormous hug. It then turns into a hilarious burn when she realizes that Clark being alive means (as far as she knows) that Superman saved him, and runs off to write the story.
  • In "Witness" Lois is being targeted by a murderer after she sees him kill a scientist. For the first half of the episode she puts up a brave front until he tries to kill her in her apartment and finally manages to crack her shell, which has her break down when Clark intervenes. Probably the first Aww, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other moment of the series.
  • "The Prankster" is stalking Lois, who has her really scared after she sees him kill an associate through the telephone. He later calls her at home, which sends her fleeing to Clark for comfort.
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  • In "Whine Whine Whine," Superman is trying to find an attorney after a rescuee sues him for a broken hand. He's sitting on a bench when a little girl walks up and tells him that he looks sad, and asks him if he wants a hug.
  • Clark consoling the Clois, after she's done nothing but cause him trouble. Especially poignant given what happens to her afterward.
  • In "Tempus Fugitive," time travel antics bring Clark and Lois to Smallville shortly before baby Kal-El will arrive. Clark winds up encountering his parents, who have recently learned they aren't able to have children of their own.
    Martha: It's just I'm not able to have children... but I know that if I were to find a baby, I would be the most grateful woman in the world.
    Clark: And the world's best mom.
    • "Lois, Superman is what I can do. Clark is who I am."
  • In "That Old Gang of Mine", Lois is happy to see Clark "alive" again after he was seen shot by one of the mafia clones. And she doesn't want him out of her sight. In the end, Lois tells Clark how much she missed him, and tells him maybe there's something more between them... only to see Clark fell asleep.
    Lois: Or maybe not.
  • Cat Grant tries to comfort Lois in "Man of Steel Bars", after Clark left the Planet.
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  • Any scene with Clark's Muggle Foster Parents, the archetypal Good Parents whom the greatest of the superheroes can turn to in times of trouble.
  • Lois and Clark finally getting married for real.
  • Lois helping alternate!Clark, who's bullied by Lana Lang, never became Superman, and had his Lois disappear.


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