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Heartwarming / Live a Hero

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  • In Chapter 19, Izuku accidentally slips and calls Inko "mom" for the first time, causing her to burst into tears and hugs him.
    • Later on in the same chapter, after a full day at the amusement park, it finally hits Izuku that he not only had friends, but friends that cared about him so much that they brought him to an amusement park just to see him smile, causing him to burst into tears himself.
  • When first moving into the dorms, Izuku is discovered to be painting his room. Soon, all the other students take over and add something to the walls and floor.
    • Yaoyarozu, after hearing that Izuku loves stars draws him and entire galaxy in the ceiling in glow-in-the-dark paint.
    • When noticing Izuku’s being overwhelmed by everyone painting his walls, Todoroki takes Izuku back to his room. There, they unpack the last of Todoroki’s possessions he brought and, after Isuku stumbles across Todoroki’s skates, do some indoor ice skating, which leads to Izuku’s third smile.
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  • We don’t actually get to see it, but Eri plays with Cat and says she likes the name after Izuku rescues her from Overhaul.

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