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Heartwarming / Lillie's Z-Powered Adventure!

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  • Lillie bonding with Okala. The Ultra Beast is so timid that it shakes at the smallest perceived mistake, but she tries to get it to be more comfortable with her before giving it a name that has deep meaning to it.

    The name is actually a bit different from what you'd originally planned. At first you'd wanted to go with 'Oki' — an Alolan word, meaning 'cut.' You did study the Alolan language for a while when you stayed with Professor Kukui, and while you're far from fluent you still remember a decent amount. You'd wanted your first Pokemon to have an Alolan name, like Moon's first had a Kantonian (Kantonese?) one, and 'cut' seemed like the obvious, if most basic, choice. But now that you'd seen it, young and still growing... 'Sharpening,' something in the process of becoming something that cuts rather than something that already does, seems more appropriate.

    Not that anyone here in Kanto would appreciate the thought behind it, but... well, the Pokemon — Okala, now — seems to like it. Assuming the way it's spinning in your hand is indicative of happiness, which you're guessing it is.
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  • Lunala awarding Lillie with a Sparkling Stone as thanks for raising up Nebby.

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