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Heartwarming / Li'l Gotham

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  • The Bat-family being a literal family and not at war with each other for once ( especially between Batman and Red Hood).
  • Talia being a loving mother and not a Woman Scorned.
  • Both the premise and the ending of the Mother's Day special.
  • A meta-example. When Damian is upset about one of his comic book heroes being retconned away, Batman tells him that's just the way of comic books and pop culture—but as long as you love that character, and continue to be inspired by them, they will always exist. Who do we see in the background of this shot? Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain.
  • Joker going out of his way to help Harley with a problem in one issue and going on a holiday with her in another. It seems that they really do love each other in this continuity, compared to the New 52.
  • The last issue is set during Christmas and shows, among other things, Batman and Catwoman giving toys to kids at an orphanage, Batman and Gordon sharing a coffee by the Bat-Signal, and Harley giving gifts to the other inmates of Arkham.
    • And then there's this panel.
  • In the issue where Mister Freeze is reformed (before he decides to freeze Gotham again to "preserve it's kindness"), he talks to one of the security guards and gives him an ice unicorn for his daughter. Cue the end of the episode, when he's back in his cell and the little girl has made a thank you card saying what a nice man he is.
    • The various characters of the strip getting together into a chorus to sing Victor "Silent Night" at the end of the first Christmas special. He even makes a little smile.

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