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Heartwarming / Life's Too Short

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  • The complete turn-around from Warwick's previous attitude in the Easter special, which isn't a complete retcon of his personality or flanderisation; He's actively trying to make himself a better person, and rather than screwing people over, is actively trying his best for them. This includes his actively rallying for his clients to get more money for their hard work, campaigning for Willow II partially so he can get parts for all his clients, organising a travelling, successful comedy show for three flagging stars and then having to pay them out of his own pocket initially, and his final resolution that he will do his best, not only for himself, but his clients.
    • Even his ex-wife gets in on the act, being willing to help try and fund Willow II with a £500 investment; When Warwick discovers that not only has he, but everyone been conned by Val Kilmer, he has to explain it to her; Touchingly, she explains that she was investing in him, knowing he's trying to be a better person.
      • Finally, his clients at Dwarves For Hire. Whilst slightly funny in that they claim it's better to be exploited by him as another dwarf than other people, there is something touching about how they all want to stay with him, suggesting that they know he's been trying to do better by them as of late.