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Heartwarming / Life of Pi

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  • Pi finally touching Richard Parker, and holding his head on his lap. They're both tired and dying, but damn if that wasn't a "d'awwww"-inducing scene.
  • Pi's introduction to Anandi.
  • When the boat starts sinking, Pi's concern is for his family. He tries to go into their sinking sleeping quarters, calling for them and swimming for a while. When the sailors put a lifevest on him, he begs them to save his father since the older Patel cannot swim.
  • The scene with the luminescent jellyfish, culminating in a CMoA when the whale breaches right next to him.
  • Unlike in the book where it was clear Nightmare Fuel, Pi talks with gratitude about the island. It saved his and the tiger's life after all, with the freshwater pools, algae, and meerkats for eating. He says that finding the tooth made him realize that he and Richard Parker would have otherwise stayed on the island forever, Dying Alone, with them being eaten in turn. It renewed his determination to return to civilization and gave him a chance to replenish his diminished food and water stocks.
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  • The Mexican villagers rescuing Pi when he washes up on the beach. Especially in the movie, you can see them running to get him out of the sun. They pick him up gently as he starts sobbing from the trauma and losing Richard Parker.
  • Despite Richard Parker refusing to turn and say goodbye to him, Pi maintains that he was grateful for having the tiger on the boat with him. Richard Parker saved his life by giving him a reason to live despite the dire circumstances.
  • Seeing Pi living happily with his wife and children at the ending of the film, finally making it through after all he lost. Also unlike whatever story is right at the end, this is real.
    • In the book, he became briefly famous, got adopted, went to university, got a zoology degree and is now a very successful cook.

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