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Series.Life (NBC Live-Action Television series)

  • Crews pulling Rachel out of the back room and carrying her in his arms out of the hostel.
  • "But you're not the man who killed my family, are you?" "No, I'm not. And you know what? A kitchen table isn't clutter. It's just a kitchen table."
  • Crews reassuring Reese that her father didn't get him sent to jail (though he knows better).
  • Bobby handing Charlie his gun and badge, showing he still trusts Charlie even if his wife won't.
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  • Crews comforting the teenaged boy who'd just found out that he'd been abducted at the age of three and the man who raised him wasn't his father.
  • After discovering that an IRS employee who was killed by an exploding oven had actually been tracking down a terrorist who had never been found, on his own initiative, and had not only discovered who the guy was but found his location, Charlie tells the terrorist (who'd rigged the oven to explode) that the victim was 'one of us', and informs him that 'we don't like it when you kill one of us'. He also goes to the guy's funeral, which otherwise only had two mourners.

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