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Heartwarming / Lex Luthor

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  • His numerous Pet the Dog moments when written by Elliot S! Maggin, usually tied to his fanboyism of Albert Einstein.
  • After the Infinite Crisis, he paid a visit to the Centennial Park statue of his deceased progeny, Connor Kent.
  • In Forever Evil, Lex is forced to let Bizarro out of stasis halfway through its development, creating the mentally-defective, imperfect clone we all know and love. But over time Lex starts to bond with Bizarro's simple, innocent nature, even helping him overcome his fear of the dark. At first this all seems out of necessity, but Lex seems genuinely upset when Bizarro is killed, and decides the next Bizarro clone will also be released halfway through development, so it will be like the first one.
    Captain Cold: He was just a monster anyway.
    Luthor: He was MY monster!

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