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Heartwarming / Leviathan (My Hero Academia)

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  • When All Might finds Midoriya desesperately trying to rein his transformation in, he takes the time to help the freaked kid to calm himself, even telling him afterwards his reptilian Quirk would be a wonderful asset for heroism if he can control it.
  • Bit - how many teens are ready to break a stranger out of the hospital? And he doesn't stop here, basically becoming Izuku's first real friend.
  • Kirishima immediately puts his foot down when Bakugou almost physically assaults Izuku in the locker room.
  • Shinshou's expectations of being ostracized for his villainous Quirk are utterly slashed when Izuku starts gushing over the perfect suitability of it for heroics - taking in account his canon backstory, this was the first time ever someone told him that.
    • Come the "Hero-Villain" exercise, he tries to rationalize Izuku as the exception to the rule, only for Iida to accept his Quirk as an asset rather than a pain.

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