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Heartwarming / Les Choristes

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  • The moment during the choir's performance when Mathieu turns to Morhange, who had previously been slouching against a pillar, apparently still in trouble for dropping ink on Mathieu's head. Mathieu gestures to him, and Morhange gets his solo.
    Mathieu: In [his] eyes, I read many things. Pride, the joy of being forgiven, but most of all- and this was new for him- a kind of gratitude.
  • The paper planes scene.
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  • This exchange:
    Violette: You haven't got any children?
    Mathieu: No. Well, I have 60.
  • The look on Pépinot's face when the bus stops and Mathieu opens the door for him. The last two sentences of the movie:
    Pépinot was right. Mathieu was fired on a Saturday.

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