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  • In an overall sense, there's the genuine devotion and respect Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl of the Pre-Crisis Legion have for each other. As teenagers, the two were shown perfectly willing to die for one another even before they became a couple. When Saturn Girl planned to sacrifice herself stopping Zaryan the Conqueror after making the Legion believe she was a power hungry bitch, Lightning Lad found out her actual plan and stopped Zaryan himself at the cost of his own life. So distraught over Lightning Lad's death, Saturn Girl became obsessed with finding a way to revive him and succeeded with a bizarre ritual involving lightning rods. However, Saturn Girl tampered with the ritual so her rod would be the only one to get struck by lightning. At the last moment, Saturn Girl's shapeshifting pet Proty distracted her, lured her into a cave, and stole the rod so he could die in her place. Lightning Lad's first words upon revival? "I don't want to live at the expense of Saturn Girl's life!" Yeah, there was no way these two weren't gonna end up together.
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  • In Action Comics #864, which acts as an epilogue to Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes, Lightning Lad escorts Superman back to the 21st Century, and Batman walks in on the two reminiscing on old times. Batman and Garth are uneasy towards one another right away, Batman due to his mistrust of time travelers, and Garth because of Batman's jerk ass attitude. By the end of it, as Garth is ready to depart back to the future with the bodies of Karate Kid and one of Triplicate Girl's duplicates, he apologizes to Batman for having got on his case. Garth then thanks Superman for the time they spent talking about old times, and that he was more of a brother to him than Mekt ever was.
  • From the same issue, Superman telling Batman that, in the future, the two are known as "the World's Finest". He's lying, but it's sweet nonetheless.
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  • The end of the first issue of Mark Waid's "Threeboot" series, when Invisible Kid asks Star Boy why they don't let the group of young Legion supporters camped outside their headquarters inside.
    Star Boy: Let them? Do you not remember like, six months ago? Aaah, I probably shouldn't be shocked that there was no newslink to it on the Infogrid, it made us look too good. The Science Police had reached the end of their extremely exhaustible patience with us. They were past the point of caring who had a right to be where. They just wanted the Legion gone. So we woke up one morning to the sound of grav-impact bulldozers heading for this building. I'm talking about machines that could level a moon. There was no way even we could have taken them down in a fight. But we didn't have to. Those guys down there stood up—I mean to a one, they stood up—and they marched forward and they formed a human shield around the whole plaza. It was the second-most amazing thing you can imagine.
    Invisible Kid: What's first?
    Star Boy: That they'd do it again if it came to it. They're free to come inside whenever they like. They choose not to. There are a lot of cool things about being with the legion, my friend, but never forget the coolest...they're not here because of us...we're here because of them.
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  • When Lightning Lad gets killed in Adventure Comics #304/520 all Legionnaires, including reservist members as Superboy, Supergirl or Mon-El, attend his funeral. It's palpable how much Garth Ranzz meant to all of them.
    Cosmic Boy: Lightning Lad may have left us— but Long Live the Legion.
    All: Long Live the Legion!


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