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Heartwarming / Legends of Laconia

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  • Halloween Romance:
    • Ferdinand ran out on Selene at a restaurant. She comes over, and he thinks she'll yell at him. Instead, she's very understanding, reminds him that people care about each other despite their flaws, and has brought him an early Christmas present.
    • "Nobody calls my darling a monster."
    • When Selene gets a snowball to the face and her nose bleeds, Ferdinand restrains himself, calmly soothes her, and walks her back into the house. Subverted when Ferdinand goes back and scoops up the red snow and eats it, but then Double Subverted when Selene finds out and glosses over it for his sake.
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    • Little!Dianne in the epilogue says that if she found a monster under her bed, she'd call Daddy, because he can fight any monster - meaning she doesn't consider either parent one.
    • When little!Dianne asks Selene if the couple lived happily ever after, Selene thinks about it and replies, "They lived...happily enough."

  • Bite Me:
    • The night the Anghels find out the terrible news, Dianne can't sleep. Neither can Selene. Ferdinand is mostly nocturnal anyway. So they drink hot cocoa, tea, and warmed blood, respectively, and play a quiet game of Chinese Checkers until the ladies settles down.
    • When a sick and exhausted Selene falls asleep on Ferdinand's shoulder, he keeps his pose, perfectly still, for the rest of the night.
    • Dianne uses her powers to help the very high school students that bully her, even though they'll never know.
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    • When Nat's ebullient guise slips a little, revealing elements of being a Sad Clown, the Anghels make him a True Companion.
    • Matthew brings Dianne flowers to officially ask her to be his girlfriend, even knowing about her semi-Involuntary Shapeshifting.
    • "Life bites. But I bite back."

  • Waking Echoes:
    • Though Taylor's parents, unlike Dianne's, mostly conform to the Adults Are Useless template, they do fiercely reprimand her little brother Owen for chanting, "Taylor is cra-zee. Taylor is cra-zee" and send him from the dinner table. Despite being mistaken about the root of Taylor's current issues, they try to be understanding and get her professional help.
    • Ty realizes Riq is holding and comforting her when she cries at night.
    • Riq's Redemption Equals Death: "Hah. I still owe you." Fortunately, Reincarnation is fully in play.
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    • When Taylor and Ty sing the old ballad "How Can I Keep from Singing?" together, flashing back and forth between their lives.


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