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Heartwarming / Learning To Fly

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  • Hisao and Saki enjoying the fireworks together at the festival after Saki's and Chisato's performance onstage.
  • Hisao, Noriko and Chisato helping Saki in Manly Fishbowl Rocks after her leg gives out just outside Yamaku after their trip to the city. Notable because Hisao puts a lot of pressure on his heart condition to carry her and for showing how much of a friend Chisato is to Saki despite their tendency to snipe at each other.
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  • Hisao and Saki in Ask Me No Questions hugging each other on the floor at the end of the chapter after Saki broke down telling Hisao about her condition and fell out of her wheelchair. The Fan-Art makes it even moreso.
  • The ending of Kittyhawk, where Hisao and Saki have their First Kiss.
  • Chisato's and Hisao's chat in Melting Pot with one bit particularly potent.
    Chisato “I think she needed to write that letter to help her move forward. I mean...think of all the things you've had to do. I'm not trying to trivialize what you've been through, with having your attack, moving, and everything else...but everyone has their own issues they need to work through. It can be really easy to lose sight of that when you're dealing with your own stuff.”
  • Almost the entirety of More Than a Love Song from the two couples having fun at the beach to Hisao reassuring Saki he'd never have second thoughts about his relationship with her after she's scared when she's told him about her past.
    • And then him lightening the mood by teasing her with, "Well not for those reasons at least."
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  • Here's To The Night is almost entirely heartwarming between Hisao's reconnecting with his parents and their light hearted teasing about Saki combined with their relief about his improvements and his patience with them encouraged by Saki's words. To being sent out for a late birthday party with his school friends and Iwanako who apologize for not being around him in the hospital. Hisao's and Iwanako's conversation where both apologize about how they handled things and then talk about the lives they've lived since Hisao went to Yamaku.

  • In Glamorous Glennis Saki has just told Hisao how she plans to end her life instead of living to the point she can no longer handle herself and makes it clear she thinks they should break up because it will be easier for them, as her and Maeda had when he found out at least part of her plans. Hisao is very hurt by this and demands to know how she can think so poorly of him. When she makes it clear he doesn't and he asks her what she wants him to do she says, "“Tell me I’m wrong! Tell me I’m a horrible person. Say you hate me, say you love me, say you want to break up. Just say something!” Hisao's response? "I love you." And he hugs her. When she finally breaks down crying and returns the hug, Hisao calls it the most beautiful thing he'd ever heard. He clarifies that while he isn't sure how to feel about the whole thing he knows he won't let her go anyway and that he loves her and is pretty sure she feels the same. She confirms it despite saying she's still scared. In fact everything after that scene is pretty heartwarming.

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