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Heartwarming / Laurel and Hardy

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The films the duo made do have their Heartwarming moments, being that it's about two best friends who do everything together and regularly fail.

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  • Ollie coming back as a horse at the end of The Flying Deuces.

    Stan: Ollie! Is that really you?
    Ollie: (annoyed) Of course it's me.
    Stan: Gee, I'm glad to see you.
    Stan promptly gives Ollie a big hug. Cut to End Title.
  • Ollie having a relatively normal, sympathetic and supportive wife in Hog Wild is rather nice to see, considering that his on-screen wives are usually either bimbos or shrews. This was actually one of the things that made this particular short stand out to a lot of fans.
    • Similarly, Ollie's wife in Sons of the Desert is genuinely worried about him when the ship he was supposedly on sank, although she chucks every plate, dish and pot in the house at him after she learns the truth and he refuses to come clean.
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    • Laurel's wife in the same film is excellent as well-she understands her husband's intellectual issues, but appreciates his decency and honesty.
    • In Two Tars, the girlfriends being supportive of Stan and Ollie to the very end is just sweet to watch.
  • In The Music Box, the Professor is raging at Stan and Ollie, screeching that he detests pianos, and hacking it to pieces with an axe. Then his wife comes in and starts sobbing that she only bought it for him to surprise it on his birthday. He eventually cheers up and forgives them. Until he has to sign the cheque, that is.
  • It's happy to see Ollie and Stan being so cheerful in the beginning of Busy Bodies, and not fighting for once.
  • At the end of One Good Turn, Stan snaps and starts physically attacking Ollie while shouting threats. This was added because Stan's little daughter was scared of "Uncle Ollie" and thought the way he bullied Stan in the films was for real. It was also because she was on the set that day, and the boys wanted her to be happy.
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  • In Beau Hunks, the commander is telling his troops that they are going to be killed if the reinforcements don't come soon-then he hears them marching in the distance, coming to rescue him. Then it turns out to be just Laurel and Hardy. Just the two of them.
  • A meta-example: After many years of unhappy divorces, Stan finally married Ida Raphael and Ollie married Lucille Jones, who stayed by them for the rest of their lives. Ida even told reporters that there would be no more divorces for Stan. They also had happy family lives.
  • In Liberty, Ollie helps a frightened, crying and shaking Stan move towards the ladder as they walk on the girders. It shows that, despite how much of a Jerkass he can come across as, he's really a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, and has a Big Brother Instinct to the more man-child-like Stan.
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  • At the very end of A Chump At Oxford
  • The ending of Pack Up Your Troubles, where Eddie Smith's daughter is finally united with her grandparents, who not only show no hesitation in taking her in (Eddie had assumed this would be off the table due to a fight he'd had with them when he got married), but the grandfather immediately pardons Stan and Ollie for having stolen from his bank earlier, asks them to stay for dinner and assures them, "you can pack up your troubles from now on."
    • Earlier in the same film, there's Stan and Ollie's interactions with the little girl. She clearly adores her "uncles", and is adored right back. At one point, when Ollie tells her that Stan is off on a trip to investigate another potential lead on her grandparents, she remarks in a tone of innocent childish honesty that she hopes they are not found, clearly wishing to stay with the boys.

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