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Seth Meyers series:

  • Seth's remarks in the wake of the surprise results of the 2016 election. Despite being one of Trump's most consistent critics on late night television, Seth nevertheless respectfully congratulates him and his supporters for their victory, and that their fears and feelings that led them to elect Trump are no less valid than those of his critics. And while Hillary didn't break "the glass ceiling", Seth says that right now, someone's daughter will some day. He also makes a sincere plea that many Americans feel scared and forgotten in the wake of Trump's victory, and hopes that Trump's supporters do not end up feeling the same way.
    Seth: In closing, Donald Trump made a lot of promises as to what he's going to do in the next few years. And now we get to see if he can, if he will fulfill them. I'd just like to make one promise to him: We here at Late Night will be watching.
  • This pops up practically every time Seth talks about his family.
    • Paired with "Funny", his utterly amazing story of his wife giving birth to their second child in the lobby of their apartment building.
    • One home-recorded segment features a cameo from his two sons. Not only is it a funny Brick Joke, Seth immediately starts Corpsing when they "escape" the room behind him. The next day's segment even starts with Seth mentioning that the comment section went Squee! over them and assures that yes, the two are always that adorable.

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