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Heartwarming / Ladyhawke

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  • Philippe, having learned the lovers' story, lies to Isabelle about what Navarre said when he sent him on his errand, to make her feel better.
  • "Well, it just so happens I'm headed in that general direction myself."
  • Philippe and Imperius becoming Fire-Forged Friends.
    Imperius: I fully expect to meet you at the Pearly Gates, little thief, and don't you dare disappoint me.
    Philippe: I'll meet you there, Father... even if I have to pick the lock.
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  • At one point, Navarre flips out at Philippe for supposedly losing his sword. He gets called out first by Mouse, who tells him he's being selfish with his fixation on revenge. Navarre loses it and starts to roughly manhandle Philippe, throwing him to the ground . . . which causes Philippe's shirt to fall open and reveal that his chest is covered in fresh scratch marks. This snaps Navarre out of it, dumbly asking what happened, and Imperius tells him that Philippe got those wounds saving Navarre's life while he was in wolf mode. Navarre has a quick My God, What Have I Done? moment and asks Philippe for forgiveness, helps him up, and pulls him in for a hug. It really shows how far they've come as friends.

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