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Heartwarming / Kyou Kara Ore wa!!

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  • Rarely but happens: Mitsuhashi is sweet with Riko.
  • In one arc, the villain Ta-chan set things up to force Mitsuhashi and Itou to fight each other, each believing the other was helping someone who raped a girl and took pictures and used the pictures for blackmail. All goes according to plan, Mitsuhashi and Itou fight... And then, while still unwilling to tell each other their reason, they decide to not oppose the other. Even Ta-chan was moved by this.
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  • During one chapter, Mitsuhashi accidentally wrecked Itou's moped. In the last chapter turns out that Mitsuhashi, for all his Greed, has finally bought him one better.
  • San-chan and his happy friends.

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