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Heartwarming / Ky Nims Nuzlocke Runs

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  • YMMV, but Fantina's "shape up" lecture to Kynim after the latter's pyrrhic victory at Hearthome Gym, along with providing a doll to symbolically bury Tyrus, was quite touching in a tough-love kind of way.
  • In White version, Elesa taking Bianca to talk to Social Services about her father's abusive behavior.
  • While it's also a Tear Jerker, Peter the Pidove's death shows that he was willing to risk his life for Nina even though he had only known her for a few minutes.
  • Jordan and Mimi's blossoming romance can almost always lead to a big case of d'aww.
    • Which only made Jordan's death more of an impact.
      • and then making Mimi's death hurt slightly less, as she's reunited with him.
      • Which also makes Andy's death hurt less, as he's reunited with her and finally gets to meet Jordan.
  • In White version, Nina taking in her Yamask Boo.
  • In a recent extra comic, Roark gets a gift from Nina: a cover fossil which he revives into a Tirtouga.
  • In Mistralton, Cheren and Leif the Serperior help Nina and Zach the Samurott respectively cope with the loss of Jordan.
  • Mimi adopting Andy, the replacement Pokemon for Jordan.
  • The epilogue.
  • According to supplementary material, Laila and Zach, the last survivors of Nina's team, have more or less gotten married and adopted several baby Pokemon, including a Larvesta who hatched from an egg Alder gave Nina.

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