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Heartwarming / Kouja No Senshi

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There are a few moments when it can leave a warm fuzzy feeling inside you. These are the following:

  • Anytime Swiper and Brer Fox bond together.
  • In "Cape Fear", Mordecai and Rigby make a vow to help Hotaru. Not just because they feel like it, but they are concerned about her well being.
  • Near the end of Season 3, Sailor Saturn makes her appearance and what were her first objectives? She returns the heart crystals taken to not just Rini and James, but also Mordecai and Rigby.
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  • In an adaption of the House Rules episode, Older Mordecai remarks about how his younger self would miss Rigby. Afterwards, Twilight Sparkle tells him that she and her friends would ensure that Rigby would be protected. Now that is some dedicated friendship.
  • Hotaru, sweet as she is, bonds pretty well in the series with just about anyone she can be with, which includes Mordecai, Rigby, Rini, James, and even Rasticore. Her moments shown bonding with them are touching.

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