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Heartwarming / Koragasa Renewal

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  • Lillian asking to call the Gentleman "Father," and her constant efforts to impress him by training.
  • As harsh and bitter as Sorathelia is, when you realize that she risked capture and probably death in order to save her sister from that sort of fate, she becomes a much nicer person below the surface.
  • Prior to Atropos's obliteration, as Sorathelia is leaving the Gentleman's stops just short of giving an Anguished Declaration of Love
    The Gentleman: You’re right. Sorathelia, you’re right…and I’m sorry. And that means absolutely nothing to you, I know that, and I know that I don’t either. But you mean absolutely everything to me. You said I abandoned my brother, and you’re right. And not a day goes by that I don’t regret that. I don’t want to regret losing you too. I can hardly live with myself as it is. Because I’m a hypocrite, because I’m socially inept, because I assume you give a damn just because I do, and because I treat you like dirt. I’ve no right to thrust anything upon you. Leave if you want. I won’t stop you. I’m not trying to guilt you or anything I just…want to make clear…my feelings before you go…
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  • Lillian professing her love for the Gentleman, when the man believes that everything he has given the girl has been lost after Atropos's destruction, and he's clearly in the process of taking a darker turn.
    Lillian: "You haven't failed me! None of that is true! My home is still with you! My family is still you! And Sora is still my friend! I'm happy right now! The only person you've ever failed is you! Why do you keep blaming yourself for everything!? Why do you keep looking down on yourself!? NONE of this is your fault!! You're not a monster! You're not horrible! You're my dad! You can't just abandon me because you feel bad!! YOU GROW UP!!!"
  • Emile's treatment of Nergal's gardener becomes a big Kick the Dog moment when you realize that the gardner loved his feral vampire dad so much that he's protected him for 15 years from vampire hunters.
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  • Emile and Hope's Cooldown Hug after killing the aforementioned Gardener and vampire is touching, since Hope has been terrified and distrusting of Emile until then, realizing that he actually does care about her and will loyally serve as her Guardian.
  • Hope's desperate attempts to save Marcurio in the Crimson Void, and later his own Heroic Sacrifice where he chooses to kill himself in order to spare, Hope, Lillian, the Gentleman, and Jiruga (who he considers a major enemy) as part of the Manticore's game. Fortunately, it's subverted, and he passes the daemon's test this way instead of dying.

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