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Heartwarming / Kipper

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Sleep tight.

  • "The Visitor" is full of heartwarming moments
    • Kipper giving the gosling his slipper to sleep in. The gosling looks so calm and adorable sleeping in it.
    • Kipper's thankfulness that the gosling is safe, after being afraid he vacuumed him up.
    • The Bittersweet Ending. The gosling flies away with a gaggle of geese. He does come back so that Kipper can give him a good-bye hug, and Kipper, knowing the gosling is going to be just fine, yells good-bye. Doubles as a Tear Jerker
  • A few moments in "Pig's Present" also qualify
    • During breakfast, Kipper wonders if Pig would rather have a rabbit and thinks of getting a rabbit for Pig's birthday so he can keep Rolly. He ultimately realizes that Pig would prefer Rolly and decides that he's willing to give Rolly to Pig.
    • Like "The Visitor" above, the ending. Pig received several pets and doesn't have time for all of them, including Rolly. He asks Kipper to take care of Rolly for him, essentially making Rolly Kipper's pet.
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  • Kipper kissing the frog to wish for a way for the frog to get back home.
  • Even after Kipper spent so much time trying to catch the butterfly, he releases it when he realizes it doesn't like being in captivity.
  • Jake winning the costume party in "Costume Party."
    Jake: I've never won a prize before.
  • "The Bleepers"
    • Even after making fun of him, Kipper still helps the Bleepers get their ship upright again.
    • The purple Bleeper getting the red one his stuffed animal after falling down the hill and getting hurt.
    • The red Bleeper giving Kipper his stuffed animal as thanks for helping them out.
  • The ghost from "The Little Ghost" being ecstatic when Tiger thinks he's scary.
  • Tiger made a card for Kipper in "Kipper Is Unwell" after hearing that Kipper was sick. Even though it was just paint spots on Kipper's face, it's still a sweet gesture.

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