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Heartwarming / Kindling Ashes

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  • When Corran's true identity as the dragonslayer's son comes out, one expects swift retribution from the fire souls. Instead they believe him when he says I Am Not My Father and re-welcome him into the group. More heartwarming, Corran wasn't making shit up when he said this; while he wants his father to be proud of him, he doesn't want to be like him.
  • Giselle has a rocky relationship with Baltair's former flyer due to jealousy. When he gives her his old flyer uniform, along with his place as the Alpha Flyer Giselle is likely the happiest she's ever been and he proves what a benevolent figure he is.
  • After his father disowns him Corran is a broken man both physically and emotionally. The only way Frang could inspire him to live again is to suggest that his girlfriend could be in danger. Then he musters enough Heroic Willpower to push himself to her new home.