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Heartwarming / Kindergarten 2

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Even despite the Crapsaccharine World that this game takes place in, it doesn't mean some nice things can't come out of it.

  • Most, if not all, of Bob's actions can account towards this since he's the only adult who deeply cares about the kids. This ranges from feeling concerned if the blood dripping from the axe is yours, helping Nugget getting out of the sewers, and even willing to fend off against the monster that is found in the sewers during recess.

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  • After completing Breaking Sad, Ms. Applegate complements you for being the only student who's ever helped her. She even decides to quit teaching to accomplish something else.

  • You can give Buggs a drink during gym.

  • This doubles as a Tear Jerker, but when you use Penny's eye laser to kill one of the mutated students and choose to speak to her, she says she can now die happily. After all she's been through, she finally gets to be free from her wicked mother.

  • At the tail end of the Omega Ending, Nugget gets a kiss on the cheek from Lily.