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Heartwarming / Kimba the White Lion

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  • In the 1989 series, Kimba protecting Kitty/Raiya from a vulture. Kimba uses his own body as a shield and gets a series of cuts and scratches. He's clearly in pain, but tries to be brave for her.
  • While also a Tear Jerker, the morning after Kitty's death, Lukio is seen putting as many flowers on to her mother's grave as she can. Sadly, while in the middle of returning to her mother's grave, she is afflicted with the same illness that took her mother's life away. Fortunately, she lives.
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  • Having seen and lived through the very worst of humanity, and with every right and expectation to survive, Leo ends up sacrificing himself for the sake of one of his oldest friends, not going out defending him, just providing food and clothing in a frozen tundra.

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