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Heartwarming / Kiki's Delivery Service

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  • In the Disney English dub, there's a dedication to Phil Hartman as Kiki was one of his final roles before he died. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • When Jiji is pushed into posing as a currently missing stuffed toy cat (the toy happened to look exactly like Jiji), he meets the family's rather BIG (albeit very old) dog. Just when he thinks he's done for, the dog walks over to him, and licks him. The dog (named Jeff) seems to figure out that Jiji's an actual cat and not a stuffed animal, and becomes very protective of him. Making sure that his owners don't find out that he's a real cat until Kiki comes by and exchanges Jiji for the original stuffed animal.
    • Also, when Kiki does finally come by with the stuffed animal, Jiji calls Jeff a "good dog" and that he'd be able to help them out.
  • In the first version of the English dub, when Jiji gets his voice back.
    Jiji: (happily way over the top) Meowwwwww!
    • It's a different kind of heartwarming in the original Japanese and the second version of the dub when he doesn't talk. Remember, the last time we saw him, he walked off with a female cat and ignored a pleading Kiki. Even if he can't talk to her any more, he'll be by her side.
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    • It's taken a little farther in the dub, after the brushing off Jiji has run all the way to Kiki from wherever he was and the first thing he says is:
    Jiji: (in genuine concern) Kiki, can you hear me?!
  • Kiki Glomping Osono's husband after seeing the sign he made for her delivery service.
  • Ursula's speech about finding inspiration again. Even if your passion in life isn't art, you can probably empathize with it.
    • Even more fundamentally, her arrival just after Kiki's lowest point in the story is a wonderfully reassuring moment that someone is coming to help her.
  • In general, all of Osono's motherly interactions with Kiki. She's so sweet and kind to her. Especially the scene where Kiki comes home soaking wet- Osono is immediately concerned. And the next day, when Kiki ends up coming down with the flu, Osono brings her a compress for her fevered brow, and a nice hot bowl of rice porridge, called okayu (changed to oatmeal with honey in the English dub.) She sees that Kiki is unhappy, so she leaves the girl alone to sleep it off. And when Kiki is finally feeling better, Osono is clearly delighted.
    • Osono's rather maternal treatment of Kiki is even more heartwarming when you remember that Osono is pregnant and soon to be expecting a child. It's completely obvious through her interactions with Kiki that Osono will be a great mom!
  • When Madame bakes a cake for Kiki, and then asks her when her birthday is so she can bake another one.
  • The crowd cheering Kiki on during her rescue of Tombo.
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  • Tombo refusing to give up on being friends with Kiki.
  • The scene where Jiji and Lily are just spending time together with their kids.
  • At the end, Kiki notices another little girl dressed in an outfit similar to hers.


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