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  • In the latest Chapter, there's a really big CMOH, involving Adelheid yelling at Tsuna about Enma, asking him to save Enma, who's gone too far to listen to her, and that he's his latest true friend.
  • Kaoru openly points out how he nearly killed Yamamoto after the latter saves him from Daemon Spade's attack. Yamamoto being Yamamoto, he just laughs it off saying they're friends, so of course he'd come help him.
  • In Chapter 331 Tsuna puts a lot of effort into trying to save Enma who had gone past the Despair Event Horizon and couldn't hear anyone through all his rage and despair. He even wanted to kill Tsuna because he thought Vongola Primo betrayed Cozart Shimon. Tsuna calls Enma (I'm your friend remember!?) and Enma finally comes to his senses remembering the moments they spent together in the past. They have a heartwarming moment together where Tsuna tells Enma while smiling warmly "It's okay now...I came to save you..." and Enma responds with "Tsuna-kun...Just like the Vongola Primo...You didn't betray me..." while also smiling warmly.
  • Chapter 332. Tsuna: "My pride is my friends!"
    • The way he first worded it was even better. "My pride is... you." Said to Enma. DAWWW.
  • Lambo, of all people gets one in Chapter 312. This troper hates Lambo the most, but can't help changing his opinion of Lambo and at the same time, going AWWWWWWWWWW because Lambo treasures the time and memories he spends with Tsuna and the gang. Yes, even Hibari. This is coming from 15 year old Lambo himself, who asks Tsuna to take the younger Lambo with him as he wants to stay with him. And best of all? The little 5 year old Lambo was thinking like this already! Just come here and see for yourself.
    • Lambo's first real moment is in Episode 20, when members of the Disciplinary Committee are getting beat up by the Kokuyo Gang. Tsuna's mom and I-Pin both offer to get Tsuna self-defence lessons to protect himself, as the injuries Hibari's henchmen suffer are pretty severe. Lambo, on the other hand, tries to give Tsuna one of his grenades to protect himself. Tsuna might turn him down, but this was the first time Lambo has ever given anyone anything and done something unselfishly.
  • The very final chapter of the Inheritance arc. Tsuna and Enma are hanging upside down in nets from the top floor of the school (Adel is a very strict disciplinarian) laughing like old friends—while we are shown a flashback to Cozart's day and the understanding that the Firsts of the families are no longer going to meet each other but their true heirs will. To say nothing of showing all the various pairings being friends again.
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  • Chapter 315: It's stated that "Gokudera's heart has only been living for Sawada Tsunayoshi". Shitt P. tries to prove to him that Tsuna is no good but Gokudera brushes off her claims and states "All those no good parts of the Tenth you were talking about. Of course, I knew about them. Even so, what about them? That doesn't make up more than one side of the Tenth. The Tenth that I think about, the Vongola Tenth whom I respect greatly...that has nothing to do with him." The caption at the end reads "unfettering feelings for Tsuna!!"
  • Chrome kissing Tsuna on the cheek here.
  • Gokudera and Uri's (his cat) bonding moment here.
  • Anytime Gokudera shows his "loyalty" towards his Juudaime.
  • Reborn's rare moments of kindness towards Tsuna which Tsuna reacts to by blushing, looking touched, and whispering softly "Reborn..."
    • There's another scene where Tsuna worried about where Reborn was and once he found him he blushed, and said "Hug me!" with a heart in his speech bubble.
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    • Reborn's talking up the "mysterious man" comes after Tsuna reveals that he was able to fight his father to a draw because of his advice. This seems to imply that Reborn wants Tsuna to think he's cool.
  • Anytime Mukuro shows his hidden Jerk with a Heart of Gold side whenever Chrome's around. Or his Pet the Dog moment in regards to Ken and Chikusa.
  • Gamma and Uni's Heroic Sacrifice, and their reunion in Chapter 355.
  • Chapter 362: Adelheid and Enma here.
  • Byakuran's (yes, you read right) Heroic Sacrifice in Chapter 368. Also a Tear Jerker because it means Uni's team is out of the Rainbow competition.
  • Chapter 377: Reborn cheering up Uni when she's crying. Reborn.
  • When the Squalo, Lussuria, and Belphegor tackle Xanxus to prevent him from breaking the boss watch. Because it's Mammon's only wish.
  • Chapter 382 has a couple like when Mukuro expresses concern over Ken and Chikusa getting attacked by Vindice, Gokudera screaming Yamamoto's name and looking angry when he also gets attacked by Vindice and at the end when Chrome shows up to fight, M.M. who once hated her and expressed jealousy over her closeness with Mukuro, expresses concern and screams at her that she shouldn't fight since she's "seriously ill".
  • Chapter 383 is made of this. Other than revealing the obvious (Chrome's crush on Mukuro), she finally receives his recognition. D'aww.
  • In Chapters 390 and 391 Tsuna declares that he loves having Reborn around and won't let him die.
  • In Chapter 391 Tsuna, Gokudera, and Yamamoto all declare that they're family and Yamamoto says Tsuna doesn't have to behave so formally with them.
  • There's an entire (pointless) episode during the Varia Arc where Gokudera goes and visits Lambo in the hospital to update him about what's been going on while he was in a coma for 11 episodes. He brought takoyaki for Lambo and some blocks for him to play with (though Lambo wasn't interested). Gokudera was genuinely happy and relieved that Lambo woke up, and Lambo didn't seem annoyed at who came to see him and actually seemed to be sort-of listening to him off and on. Lambo even actually calls Gokudera by his name, rather than "Stupidera". When Lambo fell asleep (out of boredom, one must assume), Gokudera didn't get angry, he just covered Lambo back up and put his breathing mask on.
  • Pretty much any time you hear Gokudera say "baka ahoshi" (that is, when he says something to the effect of "stupid, stupid cow", though the subtitles never translate the redundant "baka"), it's because he's worried about Lambo. There's also something kind of sweet about how sometimes, "ahoshi"/"stupid cow" becomes more of an affectionate nickname than an insult, since it's the only thing Gokudera uses to refer to Lambo (meaning he uses it when worried about Lambo and when being nice to Lambo, not just when Lambo's getting on his nerves).
  • Xanxus's speech to Siel, just before killing him, is heartwarming considering who it's coming from:
    Xanxus: "Useless scum. I only want the strongest: the Vongola. I'd puke if I had to work for scum. Sawada Tsunayoshi's ten-year younger self isn't alive because I couldn't beat him... It's because the Vongola Family needs to be at its strongest. It doesn't matter if there's internal conflict. In times of crisis, when scum from the outside are attacking us, the Vongola always... Always stands united!"

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